3D Scan Your Vagina

Upload some pictures and get a free 3D print of yourself

How It Works


Upload 10 or more high quality pictures in good lighting at all different angles.


3D artists use photogrammetry to turn your photos into a 3D model.


We get the model ready for printing and mail one to you. You also get a link where you can view the model in 3D.


Your identity and original images will never be shared, only the fininshed model.


We are looking to fill a vacancy in the 3D printing market by creating a collection of high quality models that could be used for novelty discussion pieces, educational materials, or anything else! We'll send you a 3D printed copy of yourself in PLA plastic and a link to view the model online.

Please note that while the material is considered food-safe, the printing process introduces tiny holes and contact with metals that could lead to non-food-safe conditions.


This sample represents the lowest quality model/3D print that we will produce.

Get the printable sample model here.


Email: 3dprojectscan@gmail.com