Helpful Tips/Instructions

We are only be able to process scans that meet a certain quality level, so here are some helpful tips to make sure your 3D model is a success:

Make sure you have good, natural, even lighting.

Have someone else take the pictures if possible so you can stay completely still.

Take at least 10 pictures (30-40+ is recommended) from all possible angles and get pictures at varying distances. Circle around once taking pictures from below, and then back again from above.

Take the highest quality pictures possible and make sure they are in focus.

Include at least one photo with a ruler or some other object that can be used for scale reference.

Don't forget close-up shots!

* You must be 18 or older to participate. By uploading photos, you agree to have a 3D model anonymously created using your scan data in exchange for an optional 3D print and/or electronic version of the 3D model. You also agree to let us include the finished model in our collection and give us full rights to use the finished product for any reason including commercial and promotional uses. We will never share your identity or original photos with anyone. The finished product will not be 100% accurate due to technical limitations and adjustments made to compensate for missing or noisy scan data. We will let you know if we aren't able to process your photos.

Contact Us

Email: 3dprojectscan@gmail.com